Monday, November 07, 2016

Glorious Weather Continues

The bike path from downtown Dexter to Huron-Clinton Metropark was the start of our day yesterday.
Three of us biked, two walked, and one drove the car up to the park. Again the beautiful weather allowed us
to eat a picnic lunch. Keeping our minds off the fear of what may happen tomorrow.
A noisy eater in a tree.
A stop at Dairy Queen in Ann Arbor, which hasn't quite yet closed for winter.  
Dinner was at the famous ZIngerman's Roadhouse. I decided not to bring a camera.


Pam said...

Beautiful fall there, and here also; although, the trees are starting to look a little bare now.

Jeanie said...

I took a long walk -- and doing the same, trying to keep our minds off of today!

Summer said...

Glad you are having lovely weather. Nice photos ♥