Friday, February 12, 2016

Capybaras at last!

day-AM 6 3

Capybaras are so intriguing -- the largest rodent species on earth! I really wanted to see a capybara, and today, our last birdwatching day, I finally did! We also saw a tree rat looking out of its hole in a tree, so along with the agoutis that have been grazing in several places, we have now seen three rodents, as well as 2 kinds of sloth, 2 kinds of monkey, an armadillo, and a kinkajou. Plus hundreds of kinds of birds. Eventually Len and I will post more photos.

day-AM 6 5

Above: just before the bridge across the Chagras River, there's a  house covered with graffiti.
Below: my favorite bird of the day: a blue-black grassquit, singing next to the railroad tracks -- you can see the chain-link fence behind him.

day-AM 6 2

This morning we saw quite a lot of birds walking along the pipeline road again. To see more on Flickr... click on these photos.

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