Friday, May 29, 2015

The Logger's Breakfast

At Hartwick Pines State Park we met the Audubon Society tour to visit the Kirkland's warbler nesting areas. That's why we are in Grayling.

We also stopped briefly at the logger museum in the park, where they have a facsimile of the logger's kitchen, showing what they ate and how they cooked. Unfortunately the museum is more or less in open air which in this case means open to huge clouds of hungry mosquitos, so we gave up learning about the loggers' meals because we didn't want to be the mosquitos' meals.

The museum reminded us of the song "The Frozen Logger," which you can hear on Youtube -- or here are some of the lyrics:

I see you that you are a logger
and not just a common bum
'Cause nobody but a logger
stirs his coffee with his thumb.

My lover he was a logger,
there's none like him today
Well if you'd pour whiskey on it
well he'd eat a bale of hay.

He never used a razor
to shave his horny hide
He'd just drive them in with a hammer
then he'd bite them off inside.

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