Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dining out in Grayling

Breakfast at Borcher's Canoe Livery and B&B where we stayed Thursday
and Friday nights.
Breakfast Saturday monring: really delicious baked omelet
We would have loved to go canoeing, but it was too rainy.
We were lucky to have had good weather for our main
goal: seeing the Kirtland's Warbler.
Dinner our first night: at Spike's Keg O'Nails, a bar & grill.
Phyllis and Ed, our traveling companions at Spike's
Food and beer at Spike's ... very good!
After dinner...
we weren't the only ones enjoying our DQ!
Lunch Friday...
Deep-fried smelt.
Most of the time, we were out walking on beaches, in wildlife refuges and in parks. But we did enjoy our meals. Friday evening we went to a pizza place, but it wasn't very photogenic!


Jeanie said...

Too bad you couldn't canoe -- it can be a fun day. But it sounds like you had a pretty good time anyway!

Jeanie said...

I'm thinking the Chenille Sisters did a version of that -- or Anne Hills. Someone! Loved that song! What a fun trip!

Geri Saucier said...

I love the baked omelet. It looks fabulous. It looks like you had a lot of good food to eat.