Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paris in your dreams

"Paris Plages"
The blogging event "Paris in July" is coming to an end, so I'm thinking of what I'd like to be doing if I were in Paris right now. The New York Times today has an article about a beautiful recreation area that has replaced the old highway on the quay along the river. In Paris, a Playful Path Along the Seine  describes the "Berges de Seine (Banks of the Seine), a 1.4-mile pedestrian promenade packed with recreational activities, restaurants and bars, and creative patches of blooming flowers, plants and trees." 

Berges de Seine combines with the annual creation of a sandy beach where people can sit in deck chairs or swim in a pool, shown above from a promotional video. Of course it's all wildly popular. I'd love to stroll along watching people or getting a drink from the "Buvette." It would be wonderful to be in Paris long enough to relax for a day, have a picnic, and skip museum lines and metro rides, wouldn't it?

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