Friday, July 04, 2014

Back from Hawaii, Happy 4th of July

Holuakoa Cafe Fish Dinner
Happy Independence Day. We are celebrating by doing nothing -- after our very busy trip to Hawaii. During the trip when we ate out, we often ordered fish. Once I bought some mahi-mahi and cooked it with a little wine and butter in our condo. Very fresh! We've heard that Safeway has the freshest fish because they pay fishermen the best prices, so that's where we shopped for it.

Our last afternoon as we waited for our red-eye flight back to the mainland, we returned to Lava Java for a super fish sandwich. We also tried the fish sandwich and combo plate at an island-style restaurant called Sam Choy's, which has a really spectacular view and uses Asian and island flavors very nicely. Another night we ate at the Kona Brewing Company where there's no view at all, just a really long wait for a table, but where we enjoyed a good fish sandwich, great crabcakes, good beer, and nice pizza.

There were so many other beautiful things, and all fish sandwiches look alike, so I didn't keep photographing them. I'm not in Hawaii any more, so here are just a few that I love thinking about:

At Holuakoa Cafe
At Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden, Hilo
Onomea Falls at the Botanical Garden -- everybody posts a photo of the falls!
Onomea Bay from the trail through the Botanical Gardens
The lily pond at the Botanical Gardens


Debra Eliotseats said...

Such beautiful photos, Mae. I want to go there someday soon. Hope you have relaxed and recovered!

~~louise~~ said...

Welcome back Mae!

I bet I would never tire of fish sandwiches in Hawaii. So funny about Safeway paying a premium. They don't seem like that kind of place in these parts. I actually avoid Safeway, lol...

I hope you had a wonderful time Mae. A relaxing holiday was probably just that, relaxing:)

Great shots, Mae and thanks for sharing...

P.S. Mae, thank you so much for playing the Picnic Game. It was wonderful having you join:)

grace said...

most people go to hawaii for sunshine and sand, but when i go, it'll be mostly for the food. :)