Monday, August 09, 2010


We spent 24 hours in Chicago this weekend, driving back and forth from Michigan. Saturday afternoon, we took our time looking at many art works at the Chicago Art Institute. Meanwhile, outside, a rock festival was raging. I remembered many of the art works in the museum from earlier trips, especially the famous icons of Impressionism, but the above image by Van Gough impressed me enormously, and I didn't really recall seeing these "Drinkers" before.

This one also impressed me:

This is a section of a painting of a feast by El Greco. The food on the table looks mighty small for a feast. I wonder how that relates to the recent finding by Brian Wansink that the amount of food in paintings of the Last Supper has constantly increased in major depictions over the years. That result: "portion size, plate size, and bread size increased dramatically over the last one thousand years." (See this.)

Later, I'll add more about the trip, especially about what we ate and our visit to the Field Museum of Natural History.

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Jeanie said...

Ha! Funny about not much food for a feast! That other one doesn't even look like Van Gogh -- sounds like an incredible exhibit -- my kind of art.

Isn't the Institute terrific? We're lucky it's so close...