Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michigan Wine

I normally don't have anything to say about wine -- I just like to drink it. But this morning's L.A. Times has an article on top of the front page (if that's what you call the home page of an online newspaper) featuring Michigan's 100 wineries! Also a few from Illinois, but mostly Michigan. The article summarizes the common view that wines from the Midwest are sweet and not very good -- and then describes how they are improving and gaining recognition and fans.

See this: Midwest makes case for its wines

I've had Michigan wine from time to time, though I haven't become a serious customer. Given the terrible economy here, I hope the article predicts great things for this one area of our agriculture.


Jeanie said...

I have to say that every time I have Michigan wine, I feel like I spent money on nothing. And that makes me feel bad. Shared that feeling last week when I had my birthday dinner at Dusty's Cellar and we looked about the shop after dinner. The wine fellow said that they'll be having Michigan wine tastings coming up. I think I'm going to check them out. (Took a bottle to Rick's family as part of a Michigan basket and learned not to buy wine taste untasted!) My verification word is "turns." So, "Turn" me into a Michigan wine fan!

Mae Travels said...

Jeanie -- I cited the article as it's quite thought-provoking. But my own experience is that Michigan has a few good white wines. End of story for me so far.