Monday, April 19, 2010

ANOTHER article on food blogger photos

Last week the New York Times wrote about food bloggers photographing every bite: From the New York Times Dining and Wine Section. The L.A.Times can't be left behind. See today's: Dinner is the theater as food paparazzi converge.

Upside/downside: "In some ways, the culinary world brought this on itself. As public interest in fine dining has grown, more restaurants have been catering to those appetites in settings far more casual than those of their predecessors. Yet for all that was gained with such expansion, something also was lost: civility."

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Jeanie said...

Interesting! I must go read that one! I have to say I found myself doing that twice over the past weekend, once at Amadeus (well, twice there!), and again in Ohio.Part of it is the blog. And part of it is that I just want to remember this beautiful food, this glorious presentation!