Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday Lunch

Saturday we decided to skip thanksgiving leftovers and go out to lunch at the Penn Avenue Fish Company. It's one of my favorite types of eating place: a fish market with dine-in tables, very informal, everything PERFECTLY fresh. Several of us had the special fish sandwiches -- mine was a thick piece of tuna with melted cheese on a crisp roll. Miriam and Alice had adult-sized portions of sushi. A couple of us had mussels too.

After lunch we walked around this interesting food, sports memoribilia, and tourist shopping district of Pittsburgh. It's known as "the strip." In an all-chocolate shop, we found Madecasse chocolate bars (which had been found excellent in a NYT review a few months ago). Also a vast number of other specialty chocolate bars (prices from $4 to $24 for a 2 to 4 oz bar!), special hot-chocolate mix, imports of various chocolate favorites and off the wall stuff like chocolate bacon bars.

This wraps up my long Thanksgiving blog post activities. We came back yesterday. Luckily the predicted rain didn't start as early as expected, so it was nice driving. Now back to prep for the next month of holidays!


Jen said...

I love places like this! I may have to tap you for ideas the next time we go to Pittsburgh (which will be in May).

Have you had lunch at Monahan's? They have some delicious lunches there.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Jen -- I've only done a few things in Pittsburgh, but send me email or a FB message and I'll get you some recommendations from our relatives there. The Penn Avenue neighborhood is really great. It's just a little better dining space than Monahan's -- and more choices of prepared food than I've seen at Monahan's.

Jeanie said...

Fish. Love it! Only been to Pitt once, but we say it isn't really that far and there's lots there! I'll remember this spot. Fish. I'm ready for fish.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Jeanie,
It's really worth remembering -- that whole neighborhood is fun. Fish is really a nice antidote to all-thanksgiving food, too.

Jessica said...

I just tumbled upon your blog and thought that it was funny that you mentioned Mad├ęcasse. I know the founders of that company they are very dedicated to their work and are passionate about making chocolate while increasing revenue in Madagascar.

Their chocolate is delicious too (the 70% is my fav). I like your blog, i'll keep on reading.