Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Machine

Here you see our great new espresso machine. It's much smaller and better than our previous Gaggia gadget! In Lenny's skillful hands it makes a beautiful cup of coffee with perfect crema on top. We haven't tried steamed milk yet.

As usual, we are following Evelyn's lead, but she has the dual-purpose version that also makes filter coffee. We are satisfied with our system of filtering into a vacuum jug, so decided on this model.

Anyone around here want a perfectly functioning Gaggia espresso machine?

If you are curious, the toaster oven in the back is a very OLD gadget -- maybe around 25 years old. It has a GE logo, and GE sold that line of appliances to Black and Decker more than 20 years ago; I don't even know if B&D still owns the line now.

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