Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alicante, Spain, 1996

"It must be Mediterranean food," I always said in my kitchen in Alicante, "because I can see it from here." Above, you can see a meal I prepared, with food from a wonderful covered market up the coast from our high-rise apartment.

Our friends later took us to a very amusing restaurant, which was sort of pretend medieval. The food was served on trenchers. Smoked meat was cut down from the rafters when you ordered it. The host teased everyone constantly, and even the business cards were a joke.


Jen said...

Are those shoes hanging on the walls in the back?

Mae Travels said...

Clicking on the photo that shows the meat hanging above the restaurant patrons, I do see some wooden shoes. I wouldn't be surprised at anything, as the decor of that restaurant was as wacky as the host. It was an indescribable experience!