Thursday, December 27, 2007


Tomatoes are terrible even at Whole Foods in this dark and unproductive season. I decided that today was the day to use the slow roasted tomatoes that I froze last summer (see New Recipe). What looked good at Whole Foods was trout, which probably was raised on a Canadian farm not far from here. So far: locavore! As a side dish I made potato pancakes. Maybe they were even Michigan potatoes.

What else looked good at Whole Foods? Satsumas from California. Not so local! We served this meal to our friends Elaine and Bob. For appetizers, we had a selection of crisp vegetables and an Israeli vegetable spread. For dessert, Elaine made poached pears.

Also of note: we carried 6 bottles of wine back from Whole Foods in a wine carrier I received for Christmas from my friend Sheila. This is consistent with my upcoming New Year's resolution to reduce the amount of packaging I use.

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