Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Eating

Though they may have exotic seabirds for sale in the fish market, I find that the food we've been eating here in Wellington has been delicious and very well prepared. Above is a tuna nicoise that I had on Saturday night. Lenny had fish with chanterelle mushrooms. The woman sitting next to me had duck breast, garnished with little beets, shown in the next photo.
At lunch yesterday, one of my fellow wives and I were in a very strange mall, where she had been shopping for New Zealand knitting wool. I had noticed an oriental restaurant "Satay Kingdom" serving a really appealing curry of New Zealand mussels:
At the conference banquet, we had scallops and New Zealand lamb, very nicely prepared, and a lemon tarte for dessert. The views from the banquet room were dramatic. Wellington is a city of hills and valleys, so that one constantly finds glimpses of the beautiful hillsides and the harbor.
Another night, we had splendid Indian food at a restaurant called Indus. The aloo gobi was really delicious, and I also loved the dal and the mixed vegetables.

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