Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wedding Cake Chef

The famous pastry chef Ann Amernick who baked Evelyn and Tom's Wedding Cake has just published a new pastry cookbook titled The Art of the Dessert. I fear it is for bakers much more committed, patient, and skilled than I am.

Reviewed in the Washington Post: The Pastry Chef Who Can Elevate Your Game -- from the review:

As she steps back from day-to-day duties at Palena, the Cleveland Park restaurant she co-owns with Frank Ruta, Amernick doesn't have many baking disasters anymore. With her recently released third cookbook, "The Art of the Dessert" (Wiley, $40), co-written with Margie Litman, she hopes her technician's approach can help home bakers and professionals alike get the same results she does. But this is a book with enough multi-component recipes to aim it squarely at the committed -- "not fans of Rachael Ray," she says.

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