Friday, October 27, 2017

Sea lions and sea elephants

This alpha-male sea elephant and his harem were on a beach where we walked. The red color is probably
blood stains from his violent encounter with one of the females!
The area is called Jackson Bay, part of the Karukinka Reserve.
This smaller sea-lion showed up near the "lighthouse at the end of the world" at Staten Island east of Tierra del Fuego.
Next to him: a striated caracara, which is a bird of prey.

More of the same group of sea lions, which we saw from a Zodiac boat.
A sea lion pup which we saw on another cruise in a fjord.

A waterfall, also seen from the zodiac boat.
The wildlife that we saw during our 8 days on the National Geographic Explorer was very exciting to see. These marine mammals are ashore for the breeding season, and will soon leave the area to spend the southern summer fattening themselves up in the nutrient-rich waters not far from Antarctica.

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Jeanie said...

You two are amazing photographers -- what wonderful views of these seals!