Sunday, October 08, 2017

"Porco Rosso" by Miyazaki

Hayao Miazaki is one of my favorite film makers. I love his fantasies and his art work. I love "Spirited Away." I love "My Neighbor the Totoro," and more. Yesterday we watched "Porco Rosso" about a flying ace who has been cursed and therefore looks like a pig. His vocation is fighting pirates. The scenes with aerial dogfights and other aerial adventures are marvelous. The plot is improbably and wonderful.

Miyazaki loves to show food scenes -- in this movie, the hero eats several meals with various people. Above, my favorite, is a spaghetti dinner cooked & served by a number of women at the aircraft factory where his plane is being renovated (including a new engine with the brand name "Ghibli" which happens to be the name of Miyazaki's film studio.) Fio, the granddaughter of the factory owner, who happens to be a very talented engineer and pilot, serves the spaghetti to her grandfather and Porco.

At a seaside restaurant with Fio. Porco is a very sophisticated and talented pig, but has a sort of Humphrey-Bogart-character
attitude towards only being for himself, no ideals. Very different from the pigs that appear in "Spirited Away."
Jina, the woman that all the flying aces love. She also has a restaurant and
bar and sings in French.
Maybe I have never written about this classic filmmaker before. I don't know how that happened!


Mackay Sherry said...

I love studio Ghibli movies. My neighbour Totoro is a favourite.

Kitchen Riffs said...

I've not seen this movie! It looks wonderful -- love the screen shots. Thanks!