Friday, March 31, 2017

Kitchen Miscellany for the first of April

Smiles in my kitchen -- the Mona Lisa winkie is new this month. I think Mona says "April Fool." THANKS, CAROL!
Left of Mona: a couple of years ago, Miriam and Alice made the collage of themselves smiling at various ages.
The oldest item in my kitchen: a pencil sharpener that somehow
always moves when I do. I think I've been sharpening pencils
with it since I was in around third grade.
Food production: what a kitchen is for. Here's a pizza that I made,
topped with smoked salmon, cheese, olives, onions, and sauce.
My kitchen bookcase has all kinds of odds and ends in front of the books.
The kitchen witch on top of the bookcase -- I've had her
for years, usually feature her for Halloween.
A little Ganesha figure in front of the books.
Ganesha is known to remove obstacles -- good in a kitchen!
A blue thing from my tour of the Jiffy Mix plant.
My new markers from Ikea. I've colored in a couple of
pages in my coloring book with them.
Most uninteresting new item: magnetic chip clips.
Waiting in a grocery bag: Passover foods for the coming holiday.
Passover starts April 10. I'm just starting to get ready.
More posts about Passover will be coming soon.
"In My Kitchen this Month" is a blogger event that's recently been hosted by Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things. Unfortunately, in Australia where Lizzy lives, there's been a devastating hurricane. Thinking of this disaster, she has posted an appeal for contributions from other Australians to help those in need as a result of the storm. Fortunately, she lives in an area that was not affected.

"I know that many thousands of others, friends included, have lost everything, so publishing a bunch of photos showcasing (showing off) new stuff in my kitchen doesn't sit well with me right now," she wrote.

I respect Lizzy and the Australians who come together to help victims at a time like this -- here in the US, we do the same after disasters of all sorts. She's continuing to link to other writers' In My Kitchen posts, and I'll be sending this her way, as several other bloggers have already done.


Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things said...

Hi there Mae and happy April to you! Thank you for your very kind words, both here and over on my blog about IMK and the Cyclone Debbie disaster. I have loved seeing all the goodies in your kitchen, and will continue to visit you, dear friend. Keep well xxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in Passover food Mae and look forward to seeing what you make.

Amanda said...

I like your kitchen witch and Ganesh - we can all do with a little obstacle removal from time to time, can't we?!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your kitchen. The are very entertaining. I especially like the Mona Lisa one.

Unknown said...

I love visiting blogs on In My Kitchen. It's so much fun to see the nifty things people have.

Kim Bultman said...

Mae, I enjoyed seeing and reading about your kitchen. GREAT "before and after" photos of Miriam and Alice! I'm also having pencil sharpener envy... don't you dare move and leave that treasure behind. A classic! Your smoked salmon pizza looks & sounds delicious... swoon. I'm a bookcase "stasher" too... always something that needs moving before you can get to the BOOKS! :)

Shaheen said...

I do love a good nosy around peoples kitchen. The kitchen witch is awesome and I admire the Ganesha too. But its always the cookbooks that I am drawn too, I am squinting ad I am still struggling to read what are on your shelves,

Mae Travels said...

Hi Shaheen -- Some time I should post again about my cookbooks. I used to participate in "cookbook wednesday" and did quite a few about them. I have hundreds. Thanks for commenting!


Unknown said...

Chip clips may be interesting but you can never have enough! Your pencil sharpener looks like one we have in a wardrobe that used to belong to my husband's parents.

Anonymous said...

Lol... that witch looks like she is about to fly off with your bookcase. All smiles in your kitchen this April :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that pencil sharpener brings back primary school memories! Your pizza looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Wow that pencil sharpener brings back primary school memories! Your pizza looks fantastic.

Sherry's Pickings said...

So many interesting things in your kitchen Mae. I love the kitchen witch and I really like your magnetic clips. I have heaps on my fridge too. Yes it has been devastating for many people with the cyclone here So sad. There have been a couple of families at least that have lost more than one family member Love your book shelves and your cute little stool And Ganesha and well just everything. Have a good month Hope to see you next month for IMK when I am hosting.

Liz said...

As an avid collector of cookbooks I was trying to read the titles of the ones in your collection. I remember having a pencil sharpener like your own! It worked much better than the electric ones. Thanks for sharing the new and old things in your kitchen.

Mae Travels said...

Hi @Liz,
I love cookbooks too, and have done quite a few posts about mine, available here:

I think that there are around 4 pages of posts -- if you are intrigued you can click "Older Posts" at the bottom of each page. Or not. You might find it's too many!

best... mae