Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

Everyone knows that it's hard to get a candle to stand up inside a pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Today I decided to try making a lighted jack-o-lantern with a clementine that I was eating for lunch. It took much longer than the 10-minute carving job I did on a good-sized pumpkin this morning.

My 10-minute carving job, attractive to the squirrel, who made
Jack look as if he is crying.
My pumpkin is a lot bigger than my tiny little clementine. But nobody has jack-o-lanterns bigger than our neighbor on the next block:

The Great Pumpkins of Burns Park, Ann Arbor, a couple blocks from here.
Great Pumpkins around 5 feet tall: bigger than last year! (This is link to post from last year)
Our Treats: Ready for 150, but the weather was mean and cold, so it
was a particularly quiet Halloween.
Lots of good costumes... here's an Egyptian Princess with her friends

Only three of the 100 or so Trick-Or-Treaters came dressed as devils. I was especially looking for them since I did all that posting about devilish foods. Other costumes included Captain Underpants, Batman, Night Hunters,
Princesses, Formal Dress for boys (don't know why), and many more. Quite a few costumes were covered by coats.

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~~louise~~ said...

Those pumpkins are huge Mae!!! I do however give you lots of kudos for that Clementine, lol...

Not one knock on the door today! I gave up buying candy years ago. I did have to control Marion though. Any candy she bought at the store today had to go right along with her to her living room, lol...

Glad yo hear you and the children had fun! Thanks for sharing Mae.

P.S. I worked on the Cookbook Wednesday logo today. I'll send it to you via email tomorrow:)