Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eating Alaska Salmon

Breakfast one day on the Sea Bird: locally cured lox with bagels, cream cheese, etc.
Serving himself: Justin the ship's fabulous diver, who narrated his dives as we watched videos
or (once) narrated live from underwater.
A dinner appetizer on the Sea Bird: smoked salmon from Petersburg, Alaska
White-fleshed King Salmon: a local Alaska delicacy served as our main course the last night of our cruise.
We also enjoyed dinners of pink salmon, whole steamed crab, crabcakes, halibut, rockfish, and true Alaska cod.
(If you count, that's all 7 dinners in our week on the boat!)
Pacific Northwest salmon for sale at Pike Place Market in Seattle
At Whole Foods in Ann Arbor today: Alaska salmon in cans -- as available in various brands for many years!
My mother made salmon croquettes from such salmon, including chopped onion and celery, egg, & cracker crumbs.
I think everybody's mother made something like that.
Whole Foods: fresh and previously frozen fish from Alaska.
Whole Foods observes the recommendations of the Blue Ocean Institute.
I'll say more about sustainable seafood in a later post.


~~louise~~ said...

Oh Mae, what I wouldn't do for "real" Lox & Bagel with cream cheese and a very thinly sliced onion! I miss New York! I won't even tell you the "stuff" they try to pass off here as Salmon here. If I go up to Wegman's which is kinda sorta like Whole Foods, if I'm lucky, I just might find something passable.

So, I'm assuming you cruised to Alaska?

Thanks for sharing, Mae...

Catherine said...

Dear Mae, Those certainly are great meals, all 7 days.

Blessings, Catherine