Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pike Place Market

SaturdayMae 3
Seattle's Pike Place Market, right beside the docks, has fresh shellfish, regular fish,
and lots of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and miscellaneous stuff.
SaturdayMae 4
Jack's serves fresh market fish, their own smoked fish, and shellfish.
We enjoyed some oysters for a mid-morning snack.
SaturdayMae 1
We loved looking at all the fish for sale.
Then we had clam stew and crabcakes for lunch at the Steelhead Diner.
The Diner prepares the fresh fish and serves a bit more formally than this stand, which sells raw fish and
various paper cups full of shellfish to eat while walking around the market.


~~louise~~ said...

so that's where you are, lol...I have a Pike's Market Place Cookbook, Mae. I really should share some recipes one day.

Thanks for sharing some great shots!

Jeanie said...

Seattle is on my bucket list -- and Pike's is at the top of Seattle!