Saturday, April 06, 2013

No to Dish Drainers

I have recently been informed that my aversion to dish drainers is even stranger than my dislike of bananas. Dish drainers, in my view, take up too much room and enable clutter to stay around. Without a dish drainer I am much more likely to put away little stuff instead of leaving it out. But I am open to suggestion so I bought a totally flat dish drainer made of silicone that can be rolled up when not in use. I'll see how it goes.

Are dish drainers a fit subject for a food blog? I hope so. Cleaning up in any case is a consequence of cooking and eating, if not the real deal.


Jens Zorn said...

Is this assuming that a dishwasher is used for almost everything in the after-meal cleanup?

Mae Travels said...

Yes, almost everything goes in the dishwasher. In some recent temporary kitchens without a dishwasher, i did use a dish drainer. Forgot to mention that!