Friday, May 18, 2012

"One Man Band" Diner


 The "One Man Band" diner in the very strange town of Nephi, Utah, is a fun place to eat. The menu has a long list of instructions, beginning with the directive that you should decide exactly what each person at the table wants to eat, and then phone in your order on the red telephone beside the table (where the juke box should be, I guess). The kitchen is open to the dining room where tables are formica-topped and benches are naugahide. We watched the kitchen staff assemble the meals:


 I loved the eggs, hash browns, toast, and melted cheese I ordered -- breakfast for dinner!

 After we ate, we took a ride (yes, even though we drove for 8 hours today) up a mountain into the Uinta National Forest. It's amazing how Utah scenery is spectacular even when it's in an obscure place off the beaten track (like this isn't Zion, Arches, Capitol Reefs,
Brice Canyon, etc).


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~~louise~~ said...

How fun Mae! I only wish I knew about this when I was in Utah this past week. I was in Salt Lake though and it was quite as lush.

Thanks for sharing...Have FUN!!!