Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eating Out in Aspen

The restaurants in Aspen are all very good. Some are famous, and some are known for their famous clients. I've already described how we also like quietly eating simpler things in our condo -- tuna and vegetable salad, chicken strips, seared lamb chops with broccoli, and always cereal for breakfast.

The first time we ate out, we tried a very nice but unremarkable Mexican restaurant called Palapa, which didn't seem very photogenic. I'd be surprised if it's frequented by the Aspen elite either, but one never knows around here.

Last weekend, we bicycled to the very quirky Woody Creek Tavern, around 6 miles down the extraordinary Rio Grand Trail. Woody Creek Tavern is known for home-style food in an eccentric atmosphere. The walls are entirely covered with trinkets, photos, notes from customers, and posters -- such as one of their most famous customer, the late Hunter Thompson, who ran for sheriff in 1970.

aspenrestaurants14 aspenrestaurants 11

We also ate dinner one night at the famous Ajax Tavern at the foot of the Gondola which carries skiers in winter and hikers in summer. I suspect that celebrities do come here but I'm not much good at spotting them. Ajax Tavern's green gazpacho was delicious.

aspenrestaurants 6

Here's the Ajax Tavern kitchen/staging area:

aspenrestaurants 5

The Ajax Tavern has a lot of trendy dishes, such as truffle-oil-flavored french fries and reimagined ice cream bars:
aspenrestaurants 3

For lunch one day, right near our condo, I tried Mezzaluna, a small cafe with a very nice patio and very appealing menu. I love the way the trees cast shadows on the big cafe awnings. My salad was very good, and I hope to go back and try their pizza.

aspenrestaurants 2

For access to the entire Flickr photo set -- lots more photos of each place -- click on any photo here.


Rita said...

Great photos! Don't you love it when you can get a little look of the kitchen?

Mae Travels said...

I love looking at kitchens -- if you click on the label "KITCHENS" at the bottom of the post you can see many more from restaurants, friends' houses, and historic places.

thanks for visiting... mae

Jeanie said...

This all looks wonderful, but the other post of Elaine's birthday shrimp -- that's my kind of dinner!