Saturday, June 18, 2011

Even Simpler

Continuing to report on how I cook in condo with good cooking equipent, but starting with a completely empty pantry and frige -- last night, I made the least-demanding dish there could be: scrambled eggs with red peppers, mushrooms, and chopped cilantro, seasoned only with salt. On the side: a salad and some French bread. As I've mentioned, the oil and vinegar for the salad are the basics that I always get for a temporary kitchen. Instead of mustard I used some Colorado goat cheese -- a very nice cheese that I've not seen outside the state.


~~louise~~ said...

The best of simplicity I must agree.

Thanks for sharing, Mae...

P.S. You are SO invited to the picnic and YOU are bringing the letter A. I can't wait until the dishes start floating in. It's going to be another fun picnic Mae. I'm so glad you are joining us:)

Jeanie said...

Least demanding can indeed be most delicious!