Friday, May 06, 2011

Temporary Kitchen in Santa Barbara

Our temporary house has a functional though not luxurious kitchen. The owner is opposed to using microwaves because she says microwaves destroy nutrients and Kirilian photos show that vegetables cooked in a microwave oven are "dead." About this I checked Wikipedia which a few minutes ago stated:
"An experiment in evidence of energy fields generated by living entities involves taking Kirlian contact photographs of a picked leaf at set periods, its gradual withering corresponding with a decline in the strength of the aura. In some experiments, if a section of a leaf was torn away after the first photograph, a faint image of the missing section would remain when a second photograph was taken. ... James Randi has suggested that this effect was due to contamination of the glass plates, which were reused for both the 'before' and 'after' photographs."
I may retrieve the microwave oven from the studio that is part of this house, but at the moment I'm experimenting with no-microwave cooking. I actually have read that the shorter microwave cooking times for steamed vegetables preserve the vitamins better than conventional steaming. So far we've been eating salads anyway.

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Jeanie said...

Rick doesn't have a microwave. The kids have tried to talk him into getting one since they were 10 (and they're in their 20s now!). They were going to get him one for Christmas a couple of years ago and I said don't waste the money -- he won't use it! (And I have to admit -- his popcorn over the stove reminds me of being a kid again!)

Mine is c. 1985, bought used from a friend (and I don't like to think about the radiation, but it works fine and I can't justify replacing it!). I use it for defrosting on occasion (because I never seem to leave enough time), frozen veggies, and reheating, mostly. I've never mastered those meals you make and cook in the micro. And maybe that's a good thing.

My verification word is gally -- maybe they really meant galley -- which would be a great word for this post!