Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Beautiful Plate

Evelyn made me this beautiful ceramic plate, which I am using for the first time. The salad is apples, fennel, walnuts, and lemon vinaigrette, inspired by an item on the menu where we ate tapas. (We didn't order this one, I was inspired by the description only.)

Another view of the plate, this time with cheese-filled (though leaking) meatballs:

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Jeanie said...

Fennel. Apple. Walnuts. Lemon vinaigrette. Oh, you are so hitting me where I live! Fennel is a real fave but all together!

Interesting -- the last time I had a party (eons ago), my dip-sticks included things like fennel and raw sweet potatoes-- they were a huge hit. I could have told them that!