Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is there such a thing as pumpkin lasagna?


Pumpkin leftovers are a challenge. I made pumpkin soup on Halloween weekend because the pumpkin just looked too good to be a jack-o-lantern. Around half the roasted pumpkin was left from that recipe.

Today I was thinking about pumpkin ravioli, which seems generally flavored with sage and a white sauce. However, I'm too lazy to fool with all that filled dough. It seemed to me that it should be possible to use the same family of foods and flavors in pumpkin lasagna, so I googled it and found that lots of people have thought of this before. I'm not surprised.

I proceeded, using what I had in the house and getting some ideas from this blog post from Sweden: roasted pumpkin lasagna. The essential lasagna layers between the ready-made sheets of pasta were a white sauce (made from browned flour, sage, and milk), farmer's cheese (close enough to ricotta), the roast pumpkin cooked with oil/butter and browned onion, and various cheeses that I had on hand.

The result -- which you see in the middle of the picture -- was quite delicious. We ate quite a bit and also have some in the freezer for another dinner.

UPDATE: I made it again, with slight variations, and we served it the night before Thanksgiving. Here is a real recipe: Pumpkin Lasagna Recipe by Request as I promised to several people.

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