Friday, September 24, 2010

Chocolate Mona Lisa

$24 is the price of a 6 oz. chocolate bar with Mona Lisa computer-printed onto it (or any art work, for that matter). A curiosity. If you have an extra $24 lying around you can get it here. I thank Aparna for the link!

There's a lot of Mona Lisa stuff on this blog from Birmingham, MI -- in fact, I shopped this gallery several years ago, and have purchased many of the items they are selling. The owner saw a Smithsonian article about the Mona Lisa fan club in Paris which mentioned one member in Ann Arbor MI (that would have been me). So the owner advertised in an Ann Arbor publication, and some friend (I wish I remembered who) saw the ad and sent me there. And here again is someone directing me to see it. Fate? Nooo.

For a couple of dollars at Wegman's you can get a cartoon version on a wrapper:

For more on this subject see: What Mona Lisa Didn't Eat.


Mary said...

Thanks for the info Mae. I now definitely plan on going to the Mona Lisa museum in Birmingham next time we come to MI. Do you think they would enjoy some Kona Lisa coffee samples?

Jeanie said...

I think I like Wegman's version best!