Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Q'ero Lunch

The Peruvian and other South American food at this place is really special and delicious. Today our choices both included Andean sweet potatoes, which are not orange yams, but rather a delicate pale amber-colored potato, not as sugary as yams, but very delicious. Under Len's salmon and sauteed greens were two slices of baked sweet potato. Accompanying my slow-roasted pork sandwich I had a large portion of crisp but not greasy sweet potato fries.

The service is a little slow, but the decor is delightful. See Peruvian Slow Food for more photos from our previous visit.

Update -- this week's L.A.Times food section has a long article about Peruvian food: Hidden treasure: Peruvian restaurants in Southern California by C. Thi Nguyen. It only covers restaurants in L.A. though.

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