Friday, June 26, 2009


Little tiny hamburgers have an appeal. They are cute, like anything smaller than expected. At Vinology in downtown Ann Arbor, they come with several flavors of in-house catsup. Unlike Heinz catsup, they are spicy not sweet -- I suspect that they contain no corn syrup! Miss Piggy says one should never eat anything bigger than one's head -- even smaller is even better (though an order of these little burgers includes three of them).

We've been back in Ann Arbor for almost two weeks, and have enjoyed seeing friends, unpacking, and getting our house in order. We have waited a while to go to a restaurant here as we had such a big week or two saying goodbye to all the restaurants in La Jolla and the rest of the San Diego area, and were a little afraid our hometown restaurants would suffer in comparison. We were glad we chose Vinology, since it's quite a good restaurant, and we enjoyed visiting with our friends Elaine and Bob during dinner there.

The creme brulee, lemon-blueberry cake, and berry crisp were all really delicious for dessert.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm glad to hear the desserts were delicious, because that was the one area that I thought was really hit or miss at Vinology, but that was before they put the emphasis on local, etc.