Thursday, April 05, 2007

More on Counting

My family has a lot to say about counting. Here are a couple more comments from relatives:
"Wine glasses are now so big that the number of glasses in a bottle has changed. [I illustrated this with a photo of new and old wine glasses.] Which is a problem, since the healthy amount is given in number of glasses. Which is really stupid, since everyone knows that there is not a standard wine glass size. So how can you know? The health industry is definitely organized by people who don't know the proper way to count." -- ES

"I'm sure TCB would agree that counting is useful sometimes. But my reaction to articles about what you should and shouldn't eat and how many thousand servings of fruit you should have in a day is usually to go buy a candy bar." -- ESB
I'm waiting to hear from you, ADF.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't got anything to say about counting as it relates to food, except to quote Mae, who has the definitive correction to the stated serving size on the box of cookies or the like: "The serving size is computed by dividing the number of items in the box by the number of people in the room."