Saturday, March 03, 2007

Restaurants in and near Cancun

Chicken and beef plates in a Maya restaurant on our tour of Coba:

We were told this was real Maya cuisine. However, it must be modern, not ancient Maya food, as the rice, beef, cheese garnishes, and lettuce would be old-world additions to the corn tortillas, tomatoes, and beans of the ancient Mayas. I'll say more another time about the agricultural products the Mayas gave us. The best of these I think is chocolate, food of the Maya gods. Also on the table: Coca-Cola and beer. Orignially, 100 years ago, Coke contained the new-world product cocaine. American Coke today contains corn syrup and vanilla -- both of new-world origin. I have heard that Mexican Coke is made with old-world sugar cane! And I guess the beer is old-world.

The OK Maguey Cantina Grill in Kukulkan shopping mall has a nice selection of modern Mexican cooking. The waiter brings a tray with avocado halves, chopped vegetables, and lime, and makes guacamole at the table in an interesting mixing bowl:
We drank a margarita at Casa des las Margaritas in La Isla shopping mall, a huge outdoor mall beside the lagoon -- live music included all the old favorites, even the Mexican Hat Dance (once done on pointe by Anna Pavlova, we learned by googling). The food was also quite enjoyable.
Two of the many displays of chiles at Casa des las Margaritas:
Various dishes at the wonderful Laguna Grill -- we ate there twice:
Cherry tomatoes and lettuce on skewers (background: grilled tomato with mozzarella between the layers. Not pictured: the martini gyoza which is served in a martini glass along with two tempura shrimp.
Lobster, grilled shrimp:
Fish and potatoes mashed with olives:
One of the delicious desserts -- turron of chocolate with ice cream topping:
And the crocodile who visited under the lagoon-view deck where we ate:

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