Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring at Accotink Lake Park

A bald eagle flew over us this morning as we were walking in Accotink Park near Fairfax. The tree buds are all just about ready to go! Magnolias, fruit trees, and especially weeping cherry trees are in magnificent blossom.
Len, Alice and I walked while Miriam was running on the trails. The historic marker tells that the
first railroad trestle on the site was built in 1851, and was of considerable importance during the Civil War.
Lunch at the nearby Swiss Bakery, a family favorite.

What I ate: "K√ĄSESCHNITTE -- melted Raclette cheese over seasonal vegetables atop Wurzelbrot lightly drizzled with white wine." Vegetable today was cauliflower. Delicious!


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Paulita said...

I can't believe you captured the bald eagle flying overhead. The lunch and dessert look marvelous. I'm still Dreaming of France even in March. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme