Sunday, October 20, 2019

Eating and Sleeping in Ann Arbor

Where our guests stayed: Ann Arbor Bed & Breakfast:

During our reunion with our friends, they all stayed at the Ann Arbor Bed & Breakfast, which is in the
center of Ann Arbor and right next to the University of Michigan Campus. This B&B is well known for its
large displays of blow-up sculptures for every holiday. You can see some of the Halloween decor in this photo,
along with a few of us.
The reunion ended this morning, with an hour or so to visit while everyone but us was preparing to return home (well, all right, we drove the mile back home too). In this wrap-up post, I'll show a few of the really nice Ann Arbor restaurants and the B&B that provided hospitality during this very fun get-together, including some group photos and some photos with just a few of us. If you are planning a visit to Ann Arbor, I recommend these places!

Visiting around the table after breakfast this morning at the B&B.
The decor of the B&B is highly amusing. I loved this M&M dispenser! And the colorful
vintage glassware.
Saying goodbye.

Friday night: Dinner at Miss Kim:

Friday night I reserved the big and beautiful table in the main dining room of Miss Kim, a Korean and Asian Fusion restaurant in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor. 
We ordered several salads to share at the beginning of our meal.
They are artfully arranged on half the plate, I wonder why.
The ingredients are often unusual combinations: this one is
apples and radishes with hot(ish) spicing.
At Miss Kim, the art work on the walls is very jazzy!
One of many dishes we enjoyed at Miss Kim: pork ribs.

Dinner at Logan:

Saturday night: we gathered again at Logan, a restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. The food at Logan is
"New American Cuisine with a Modern Edge."
I find this cuisine very appealing. This is avocado and crab toast, an appetizer.
Another main course: very tender and enjoyable spare ribs.
Conversation during dinner at Logan.


From our lunch outside at Zingerman's, to our much fancier dinner, 
and our visits to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the 
Motawi Tile factory, it was a great weekend!
So goodbye to the B&B and all its decor, goodbye
to friends, til our next reunion!
Text and photos copyright © 2019 Mae Sander for maefood dot blogspot dot com.


Cloudia said...

How wonderful and memorable!

Angie's Recipes said...

Glad that you guys had a great time together!

Sherry's Pickings said...

how marvellous to catch up with old friends Mae. looks like you had fun. yes i wonder about those plates where they only put food on half of them. i'd rather just have a smaller plate! cheers S

Jeanie said...

That B*B looks great, Mae. And it looks like just the best time!

Crownandcottage said...

Looks like you had a great time together, thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog.

Debra Eliotseats said...

What a great festive time. Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time with food, fellowship and friends!