Thursday, December 21, 2017

The shortest day of the year

Helios, the sun god. We hope he'll come back soon.

"Relief showing Helios, sun god in the Greco-Roman mythology. From the North-West pediment of the temple of Athena in Ilion (Troy). Between the first quarter of the 3rd century BC and 390 BC. Marble, 85,8 x 86,3 cm. Found during the excavations lead by Heinrich Schliemann in 1872, now in the Pergamon-Museum in Berlin, Germany." -- Wikipedia


Sherry's Pickings said...

Plenty of sun around these parts at the moment:). I think it’s going to be 32C today so fairly warm. Hope it’s not too cold for you there Happy solstice. Cheers sherry x

Mae Travels said...

Well, it's around 32° here too but in Fahrenheit, not Centigrade.

Jeanie said...

Finally catching up on things! This is such a great image!

And the light is coming back. Inch by inch!