Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What I have on hand this week.

Sweets from Costco: Biscotti and Madeleines, two favorites. Indulgent!
Blueberries, also from Costco. Produce of Chile.
Costco milk: price for 1 gallon around the same or less than
half-a-gallon elsewhere. I buy it when convenient. 
Locally-roasted coffee from Roos Roast. We are looking
for a good dark roast, and like "Bad Ass Woman Blend."
Kirkland tomato sauce: another Costco product. Also Trader Joe's juice,
Hellman's mayo, and Whole Foods Ketchup. I shop in lots of places.
In the basement is my pantry overflow. We love Diet Coke, another Costco habit, along with multi-packs of black beans,
Kleenex, Ziploc bags, dishwasher detergent, and paper products.

Having been away from home, and doing no home cooking for a few weeks, I'm just getting back into the habit of keeping my kitchen stocked up with food and other necessities. My iPhone reminder app has been a help keeping up with lists of what I need at Kroger's, Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and several small local food shops. Recently, I've mainly made plain meat, salads, and vegetables, but hope soon to be more ambitious -- and soon to have some more interesting food items on hand. What are your staples?

I'm sharing this with the bloggers who participate in Bizzy Lizzie's "In My Kitchen This Month." To see the list and Lizzie's delightful photo essay on her Australian getaway: go to her kitchen post for the month HERE.


Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things said...

Wow Mae, you've really stocked up there! Happy March to you, and thank you for your very kind shout out xx

Jeanie said...

Welcome home! What ARE my staples? (I almost did a post on this once). Shrimp -- frozen shrimp, both raw, cooked and oven-ready; Tab; eggs; either Rick's bread or English muffin bread; kalamata olives, capers and crushed tomatoes; onion; sweet potatoes; Italian sausage; two or three Lean Cuisine and popcorn~! (And lemons, but those don't keep all that well!)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like being organized and you look like to have it well under control.

Amanda said...

You've certainly been busy stocking up. I imagine there will be lots coming out of your kitchen very soon.

Gretchen DALRYMPLE said...

You've been busy stocking up! My Costco stockup item is the La Croix flavored waters, great on their own or mixed into a cocktail. I also shop many different stores, each has their specialties I like or better prices on certain items. Loving the new Kroger that opened near me last year, it has made my shopping life easier!

Kim Bultman said...

Mae, it looks like you've got grocery shopping handled with your apps, and life handled with your current mainstays: plain meat, salads, and vegetables. I've been feeling (and cooking and eating) that way, too, lately -- food-wise, not apps! (My phone is helplessly out of date, LOL.)

Sometimes "the basics" are what we need to restore our outlook and simplify things with so many choices to choose from. Whatever works! (And remind me to put paper towels on my "list" ;) Thanks for popping by "the lake" this month and for this wonderful glimpse of your kitchen. Here's to renewed inspiration whenever it hits. Treat yourself right in the meantime and follow your instincts. The rest will fall into place, xo. Very cool pantry... :)

Johanna GGG said...

hope you have some fun getting back into the kitchen. Bad ass woman blend sounds like a fun coffee. looks like you love your costco - I have only been in there once and found it all too tempting so I think it is just as well I don't go in there often - we don't have the room for too many purchases - but you look like you are stocking up well

Liz said...

It sounds like you are getting your life in order after being away. Simple food is sometimes the very best. Costco is an amazing place isn't it?

Christine Salins said...

My staples: olive oil, spaghetti, rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, honey, pepper and sea salt. And that's about it! Other than that, we buy loads of fresh produce and make just about everything from scratch. Simple is good.

Sandra (Ladyredspecs) said...

Costco in Australia is fairly pedestrian, I've never seen delicious Italian biscotti there but it's definitely the cheapest place for loo paper and cleaning supplies. I envy your storage space

Sherry Mackay said...

I've never been in a Costco. I think I would worry about food miles and whether local farmers were being ripped off etc. I don't buy cheap milk in our supermarkets cos I know the dairy farmers get nothing. Sorry - proselytising there:). I guess cleaning products are okay.

Mae Travels said...

@Sherry Mackay -- I doubt if avoiding Costco products is a very effective strategy for improving society -- in fact, they have a very enlightened policy for treating their employees, so it probably isn't even correct. I agree with the writer who said

“Conscious consumerism is a lie. Small steps taken by thoughtful consumers—to recycle, to eat locally, to buy a blouse made of organic cotton instead of polyester—will not change the world. ... A 2012 study compared footprints of “green” consumers who try to make eco-friendly choices to the footprints of regular consumers. And they found no meaningful difference between the two.” -- https://qz.com/920561/conscious-consumerism-is-a-lie-heres-a-better-way-to-help-save-the-world/

Anonymous said...

I always need 'extras' for my pantry then realise I already have them! But Costco & I could be dangerous Mae which is why I steer clear ;) But you're well stocked and you can never have too many ziplock bags x