Saturday, June 21, 2014


I love the flavor of lilikoi -- that's the Hawaiian name for passion fruit.
Lilikoi fruit growing on a tree in Maui when we were there a few years ago
Ono with several vegetables and
passion fruit sauce, Keei Cafe
Last night at the Keei Cafe (an old favorite where we go almost every visit to Hawaii) both my entree and my dessert included a sauce flavored with this delicious, citrusy fruit. Usually they offer fresh locally caught fish with Thai curry sauce, lemon-caper sauce, or peanut-miso sauce. Last night they added a special choice: passion-fruit flavored sauce. I loved it! Like lemon only more complex. The sides were mushrooms, potato puree, asparagus, wilted spinach, one broccoli floret, and julienned peppers and carrots -- just a little of each vegetable. Len had the same preparation but with seared ahi (tuna).

For dessert there's lilikoi cheesecake or coconut flan with lilikoi sauce. I had the flan, also delicious. Of course it was a different sauce than that served on the fish, but in fact it was quite tart which contrasted delicately with the sweet, silky flan. Remember, that volcano tart I had the night before was a lilikoi tart. 

I think you could adapt any lemon-based recipe to use lilikoi. I know that people here with a lilikoi tree freeze the fruit or pulp and use it lots of ways.

But I have to eat it here: I really can't find any lilikoi/passion fruit flavorings at home, I've tried!

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~~louise~~ said...

Hi Mae!

It sure sounds like you sure had your fill of passion fruit! Although, I would imagine enough is never enough. I've heard good things about Lilikoi but have never had the pleasure. Eat some for me Mae and thanks for sharing...

P.S. Did you say your post would be up by the 30th rather than the 28th? Since your letter is the letter C, I need to have time to send it along to the others. I expect the letter A any minute now:) Thanks agin Mae and thanks for the help with that sidebar thing:)