Thursday, October 17, 2013

At the Mall

Some things at the mall are a bit surrealistic. Well, not really. Just a little over-the-top. From our trip to Tyson's Corner last Saturday ......

Cake pops from Crumbs Bakery; flavors -- peanut butter and candy corn.
Other successes: skinny jeans from Hollister;
a sweater from American Eagle.
Miss Piggy says you should never eat anything bigger than your head.
Note: the multi-color cupcakes are already oversized.
The Miss Piggy special costs $35.
Stone soup on an artfully set table at one of many furniture stores. 
Wasabi Sushi Bar where the conveyor belt moves the sushi
right past your table. As at most malls: Cinnabon is never far away.
As we ate the cake pops, we contemplated Van Gogh repurposed --
right into my art parody collection.

1 comment:

~~louise~~ said...

Well, it sure looks as if you and the kids had a grand old time at the mall, Mae. Add a bit of "culture" and I'd say it was one fine day.

Thanks for sharing, Mae...The girls sure have grown:)