Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Two-fisted Taste Test

Trader Joe now sells "Bistro Biscuits" very similar to the Biscoff cookies served on some Delta Airlines flights, and available randomly at some stores. These are justifiably popular cookies, maybe even a cult item, and I'm really glad that TJ has come through.

We did the two-fisted cookie challenge, taking bites from a TJ cookie and one of the two Delta Lotus Biscoff cookies that a friend thoughtfully saved for me from a flight she was on. The TJ version might be just a tiny bit sweeter, but the taste is almost identical. The TJ cookies are slightly smaller, measuring approximately 3 inches. I ate the Delta cookie before I thought of measuring it.

Above are the Lotus Biscoff cookies that I bought from amazon.com a few months ago (eaten up long ago of course -- see Delta Cookies -- Hard to find on Delta flights). As it happens, amazon.com now sells two kinds of Biscoff cookies, one from Lotus and another from "Gourmet Center" and the cost of the Lotus original has nearly doubled since I bought them. Lucky thing I can now get Trader Joe's Bistro Biscuits!


Bob said...

Are you using [Trader Joe] as a personification or cutification (as in "cute")? Properly [Trader Joe's] of course. Would the possessive be [Trader Joe's'] or would it just resolve to [Trader Joe's] like the name?

Jeanie said...

I'm glad to hear that! Those cookies are the only good thing about Delta!