Thursday, January 21, 2016

Too bad about the kippers

Herbed scrambled eggs for breakfast, from Jeanine Larmoth, Murder on the Menu, prepared by me (the cook)
served by me (the butler), consumed by me & Len (residents of our fine mansion).
No mysteries here for the moment, unless you count the question of how the stock market will do today.

Here's the recipe I used. Yes, I meant to include Kippers, which I bought yesterday. But ...
Alas, when I looked at the package, I realized that somehow  -- although I bought them yesterday --
these kippers were 6 years out-of-date. I was afraid to open them, and will take them back to Whole Foods!
Note: the scrambled eggs were very good. But I'm afraid we didn't come near to reproducing the atmosphere described by Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers. I'll try again to make something from one of my mystery cookbooks! 

Next step: watch more TV dramatizations of these mystery stories. I was amused at one scene that I already watched in "Hickory Dickory Dock."  Poirot (played by David Suchet) was having his usual Continental breakfast with his houseguest Inspector Japp, who says "I say Poirot, don't you have any bacon and eggs?"


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

No matter how authentic, I just cannot abide kippers, so am not at all likely to try a mystery recipe that contains them. Funny that you should mention Poirot, I just finished listening to a dramatization of "Mrs. McGinty's Dead" that I enjoyed very much. John Moffatt did a wonderful job as Poirot.

~~louise~~ said...

6 years out of date!!! That's terrible, Mae. It's a good thing you weren't planning a mystery dinner for a whole slew of guests and discover the kippers had been "tampered" with at the last minute.

Marion has been watching shows on the Hallmark channel that I think has something to do with mystery and food. I'll have to find out more about it. She keeps telling me to watch it but, I'm not much of a TV/Movie watcher, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Mae...maybe next time for the kippers:)

Jeanie said...

Six years? That's REALLY bad. Whole Foods should not only give you a refund but a gift card for a whole lot!

But the eggs looks lovely. I love eggs in any form and a good scramble is a favorite!