Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mona Lisa's Mustache Part 2

Ann Arbor News (it used to be a printed newspaper) -- 1992 quiz.
Following up yesterday's post, I searched a few of my many notebooks for Mona Lisa with a mustache. 

The cloning kit advertised above evidently allows you to put mustache genes into Mona Lisa. As usual, I didn't keep any information about where this advertisement appeared. OK, so I'm kind of DaDa.

From Detroit Monthly, no doubt politically relevant
some time in the distant past.
Minneapolis Art Museum showing Soviet Posters. 
Mystery article!
And from the web: These and many more on sale now at Zazzle!


Jeanie said...

Thank you for Groucho! I might try to save that as my screen saver! Kick the Parisian sunset off for a few weeks!

Your collection is so cool -- and such fun!

Pam said...

This and your last post are awesome! She is one popular lady whose face appears everywhere from mugs, to tee shirts and has even had songs written about her. But the mustached photos take the cake! Didn't realize she had a plethora of amusing disguises!

Marc Décimo said...