Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kona Coffee from Greenwell Farms

During all our visits to Kona, today was our first tour of a big coffee farm:
Greenwell Farms near Kona. The farm has a large number of coffee trees,
 facilities for processing and roasting the coffee, and a visitor center.
(We did once tour a small one, Kona Lisa Coffee).
Close-up of ripening red coffee "cherries" which contain the
so-called coffee bean, which isn't really a bean.
Coffee trees.
A hopper full of the "cherries" which will be hulled, sorted by size and quality, dried, fermented, and finally, roasted. 
Our guide telling us about how coffee is processed. Lenny, Evelyn,
Miriam, and Alice are all listening.
Besides the rows of coffee trees, Greenwell Farms grows avocados, papayas, bananas, and guavas. 
Jungle fowl (aka chickens) are all around the coffee trees.


Tina said...

That looks like a really interesting tour! Love the photo of such a colorful chicken.

Jeanie said...

I don't drink coffee but I love the way it smells! I'd bet the tour was wonderful. I think I'd like that.