Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Cupcake Day

Louise's Cupcakes Made for Cupcake Day
I've read about several cupcake celebrations today for National Cupcake Day. Some pundits or food celebrators celebrate alternate Cupcake Days in October, August, or February, but my go-to food blogger Louise is celebrating cupcakes today, and uncharacteristically  she's even been baking cupcakes (she usually sticks to historical topics).
Cupcake wine box in my laundry room

One cupcake celebration that I read about is really appealing -- a tour of New York by Cupcake Cellars, makers of Cupcake wines. Most of the time, I'd rather have a glass of wine than a cupcake anyway. I'm glad they are celebrating. I checked our cellar but we seem to have drunk all our Cupcake wines. All I could find was a Cupcake Cellars box that I'm using to store surplus clothing hangars for future laundry needs. Such is life. Well, it's early afternoon, maybe by dinner we'll buy a bottle of Cupcake.

HuffPost's weirdest cupcake
with smoked salmon and asparagus
For Cupcake Day, in keeping with their staying on top of any fad including the cupcake fad, the Huffington Post offered a tour of bizarre cupcake creations. Their article, "15 Cupcakes That Need To Calm Down Immediately," says: "Cupcakes are classics. If you hate cupcakes, you probably hate The Beatles AND The Rolling Stones. We are not those people."

Then they show a number of cupcakes that I would say are off the deep end; for example, three kinds of meatloaf cupcakes.

I only hate cupcakes when they have too much icky frosting; that is, frosting made with Crisco, not real butter. A lot of cupcakes are really too sweet and often they sacrifice taste to cuteness. Usually they aren't my first choice of a snack: I don't actually hate them, just don't particularly like them.

In short, the cupcake fad that started a few years ago left me pretty cold. Let it be said that I love the Beatles AND the Rolling Stones. I don't know which people that makes me.


~~louise~~ said...

What a FUN post, Mae! Thank you so much for sharing my Cupcake Day celebration also.

I must admit, that smoked salmon cupcake looks most intriguing. I can definitely see me devouring it quite happily which is rather strange considering under normal circumstance, I would be going for the Cupcake Wines!

Thanks for sharing, Mae. I'm just gonna have to tweet this lol...

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Mae, I noticed you added your link to the nourishment section of my blog. Thank you. I still haven't figured out how to do it properly. Also, I didn't tweet your post because I couldn't find your twitter name.

Jeanie said...

Amen on the Crisco-Butter debate. My massage therapist is also a cake baker (her second job) and every now and then when she has cupcake orders she'll save one for me. I like those days! (Last week it was gingerbread!)