Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jackson Lodge, Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Lodge in Grand Teton National Park overlooks a broad meadow wetland near Jackson Lake. Just beyond, the mountains rise spectacularly on the near horizon. They look like a child's drawing of mountains: steep, craggy, each separate from the others.

The hotel dining room has huge windows facing the view as well as interesting murals of nostalgic conceptual images of the Old West. In the evening they lower screens that dim the very bright light, but still allow diners to enjoy the scenery. The food surprised us: the chef follows the practices of molecular gastronomy (though the waiters don't seem entirely unfazed by the choices they recite).

Below, you can see Len's appetizer: tomato, little balls of mozzarella, and "powdered" olive oil that had been treated with an enzyme to make it into a new substance. He says it did taste faintly like olive oil.

   jackson.dinner 1

jackson.dinner 2

My main course: Idaho trout with baby brussels sprouts and chopped vegetables -- all illuminated by the rays of the early evening sun.

jackson.dinner 3

After dinner, we sat on the benches behind the lodge and enjoyed the view.


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~~louise~~ said...

Well, well, don't you two look "cute:)"

I've actually been to Jackson Lodge in Grand Teton National Park, although, many, many years ago. I think it was for a milestone birthday if my memory serves me right, lol...

They weren't serving molecular anything back then. I bet it sure was interesting to experience, lol...

Thanks for sharing, enjoy!!!