Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fritz Brenner Cooks... so does Nero Wolfe

What's fun about my new Nero Wolfe cookbook? I find it fun that throughout the entire book, it keeps up the fiction that Nero Wolfe is a New York detective who almost never leaves his home -- he solves crimes by thinking and interviewing people who come to him, and by sending out Archie Goodwin, his trusty sidekick. The recipes are attributed to his cook, Fritz Brenner, or to the other characters in the stories where the recipes are mentioned or described, including the chefs of "famous restaurants" or hotels, and even a few suspects.

The recipes sound marvelous! Will I ever try them? Well, some are ruled out by my lack of access to wild ducks, foie gras, chickens fed only with blueberries, hogs fed only with peanuts, and other exotica like caviar. Or by my reluctance to try really challenging techniques. But maybe I'll try something from this amusing book. I've been wanting a copy for a long time.


Jeanie said...

I'll be interested in hearing how the recipes turn out! I have some Nero Wolfe's at the lake I've never read. I think I know what will be on the summer list!

~~louise~~ said...

Oh my, Mae! I too would love to add that book to my wish list. Like you, I would probably never actually cook from it but my oh my what a treasure trove.

Thank you so much for sharing...