Friday, August 10, 2007

A Brew Pub in the Middle of the Pacific

We have now had lunch at the Kona Brewing Company twice. They have a really nice pub menu, and are also quite kid-friendly with widely-spaced outdoor tables and a "gecko" menu including kid-portions of mac and cheese served with potato chips. Also crayons.

All our fellow-divers on Monday recommended it, especially mentioning the hummous platter and the salads, which we tried immediately. Warm herb-flavored pita triangles and sliced raw vegetables go with the hummous.

Thursday we tried fresh fish sandwiches (surpassing any fish in a mainland brewpub), pork quesadilla (local style pork, remember pork is Poynesian), and ice cream with porter fudge sauce. Evelyn and Tom tried the "Beer-i-misu" also made with porter.

ADDENDUM: One More Lunch

For Evelyn's birthday we ate once more at the brewpub. Still very nice.

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