Monday, May 15, 2017

Eggs McMuffin -- Not

Much hyped: Egg McMuffins. I was always slightly curious about them. Finally one day last week, we were out in the early morning (looking for a rare bird, of course), and had the inspiration to try Egg McMuffins for a late breakfast. I was disillusioned when I bit into mine. The egg was a bit rubbery and overcooked. The muffin was a bit dry and not toasted or even warm. The American cheese slice wasn't melty at all. Should I have been surprised? Don't answer that.

We ended up wishing for a better egg sandwich. So...

Eggs, bread, ham, cheese -- on the way to a sandwich. OK, I know you don't get tomatoes with an Egg McMuffin.

Ready to eat -- melted cheese, ham, eggs over easy, good pan-toasted bread. Tomato lightly warmed. Not bad.

I also thought about fried-egg sandwiches when watching a Netflix episode of "Mind of a Chef" -- a series we've been catching up on. The featured chef, Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune restaurant in New York, reminisced on camera about her early life in New York City with her friend Daniel Boulud, a French chef who owns several famous restaurants in New York and elsewhere. In the episode, she introduced him to a cheap sandwich that sustained her when she was poor and new in New York City -- specifically, to the deli specialty called "egg on a roll," which looks like a very classy cousin of the Egg McMuffin.

Eggs frying on a New York bodega grill, in preparation for a
classic "egg on a roll" ordered by Gabrielle Hamilton.
After they buy their sandwiches the two chefs sit on a
stoop to eat them, re-living her earlier habits.

Screen shots from "Mind of a Chef," Episode 4, Season 4. 
This "Mind of a Chef" episode featured several other really delicious looking creations involving fried eggs with perfect soft yolks -- some in Hamilton's restaurant, some in a restaurant she visited in Rome. I plan to watch more episodes. My culinary history group once read her memoir Blood, Bones, and Butter.


Jens Zorn said...

I'd guess that Egg McMuffins are often eaten by drivers on the go, in a situation where a runny yolk or dripping hot cheese would create troubles. This might account for the as-delivered texture of the commercial product.

Johanna GGG said...

your lack of enthusiasm reminds me of my parents' reaction to their first visit to McDonalds. the only egg mcmuffin I have had is a vegan one because I don't like eggs but my husband loves fried egg rolls - with lots of tomato sauce on it

Jeanie said...

I do like an egg McMuffin (if it has sausage) but they are a little too greasy and I prefer my own egg sandwiches (though not with runny yolk, at least not too much). You might have had a bad McDonald's or one sitting there awhile. I've never had the problem of unmelted cheese on a McMuffin. That's not good, nor is barely warm! In any event, home made is almost always better and yours looks fabulous!

Kitchen Riffs said...

Egg McMuffins are fuel and that's about it. Good combo of flavors, but everything has to be freshly-cooked in order for it to work. We've been having fried egg sandwiches a lot lately for some reason (we make them with bacon and lettuce; egg is fried over-hard; and mayo, of course). Anyway, fun read -- thanks.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

So much better at home! I just reminded my husband to fry my tomatoes for breakfast! He doesn't like them fried?????

I'll admit to eating an Egg McMuffin in a pinch.

Beth F said...

McDonald's serve a purpose, but homemade is always better. :) I used to love fried egg sandwiches but I haven't had one in years.

Claudia said...

Makes me want to go into my kitchen and make up a fried egg sandwich. Much better than a McMuffin for sure.

Tina said...

Well your egg sandwich certainly looks a good deal better than a McMuffin. I know you must have been awfully disappointed. You can always do better in your own kitchen, right?

Vicki said...

I agree with your description of an Egg McMuffin. Yours looks so much better.

When I go to McDonald's for breakfast which is maybe once or twice a year, I usually get a steak bagel. Greasy but oh so good.