Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Around the World for Cookbook Wednesday

As you know if you've been following my posts for Cookbook Wednesday, I love international cookbooks. Today is the last episode of this blogging adventure, sponsored by Louise at Months of Edible Celebrations. As a finale, I decided to make a quick cookbook tour of the world, at least the parts I haven't covered in my posts so far -- I've already written Cookbook Wednesday posts on Australia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Israel, and several regions of the US. I tried to pick cookbooks that really were written and published in the country they were about, or written by people who had lived there.

Starting with Europe and Africa:

Classic European Cookbooks:
Anne Volokh, The Art of Russian Cuisine. Bayerishes Kochbuch (belongs to my daughter & Bavarian son-in-law).
Sicilian cuisine: Mary Taylor Simeti, Pomp and Sustenance; tourist pamphlet, "Palermo Cooking."
France: Ginette Mathiot, La Cuisine Pour Tous; Raymond Oliver: La Cuisine.
I have many other European cookbooks, especially French and Italian cookbooks!
Specialities of Turkish Cuisine,
purchased in Istanbul, 1990.
One of my newest books: Couscous by Paula Wolfert -- I hope to experiment with North African dishes soon.
And Anetta Miller, African Flavors: Recipes with Proverbs, a most intriguing book.
I have tried various Asian cookbooks. Here are two that really came from there:

A Chinese cookbook published many years ago
by the Chinese government. Sort of propaganda.
A cookbook in Japanese. Cover, left; sample 2-page spread, right.
brought to us by our international exchange student. (No, I have no idea what it says.)
And now a few from the Americas -- remember I've already written about California, Louisiana, the Southwest, and a few other places:
Favorite recipes from Miss Hullings Cafeteria, the popular, long-gone
St.Louis downtown eatery: a no-longer-existing type of restaurant!
Very early American cookbook by Sarah Josepha Hale
who worked to establish the Thanksgiving holiday.
This is a Canadian cookbook, a gift from my friend Kappu
who has lived in Toronto for many years.
I see Toronto as an incredibly international city!
Latin America: Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz, Latin American Cooking;
Cocina Judia a recipe collection from a synagogue in Buenos Aires;
and the classic Diana Kennedy, The Cuisines of Mexico.
Have I tried recipes from all of these books? Well, not quite, but I've tried a lot, and I really love them. I'll miss the fun of Cookbook Wednesday, and hope Louise comes up with a new challenge for her dedicated readers and blogging family.


Marjie said...

Your collection of cookbooks is most impressive. The fact that you've cooked from many of them is even moreso!

~~louise~~ said...

Oh Mae, it is with this post that I can "feel" how much we are all going to miss Cookbook Wednesday. What a collection of books you have so generously shared with all of us. It has been fun, hasn't it?

I haven't come up with a new challenge as of yet. And, I haven't totally disbanned Cookbook Wednesday either. It may start back up again in March.

I'm contemplating a sort of recipe Wednesday kind of thing. As cookbook collectors, we usually find ourselves with lots of clippings of recipes from magazines, newspapers, or even hand written. Sometimes they are tucked inside of books we buy. I've been sorting through cookbooks, again, lol, for the past couple of weeks and have also found piles of recipe cards either from companies or those that were written by others. You know, From so and so's kitchen" I think all of these types would make fun posts! My concern is I'm not sure whether others have accumulated quite as many as I have, lol...What do you think Mae?

Thank you so much for joinging in and encouraging the continuance of Cookbook Wednesday. I'm not sure I would have carried on without the positive reinforcement from you and others:)

Pam Greer said...

What a great assortment of cookbooks! Hopefully she will do Cookbook Wednesday maybe once a month!

Geraldine Saucier said...

A great selection of cookbooks. Lots of great recipes:)