Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Kitchen of the National Geographic Sea Lion

I asked Anne Marie, the ship's hotel service manager, if I could watch dinner preparations one night.
There's no public entry to the main galley, thanks to health regulations
(which are very strict as they DON'T want anyone to get sick).
But I could watch through the galley window for a while before dinner one night,
as the boat was moving from Panama towards Costa Rica.
I also watched the preparation of salads, which takes place in the dining room.
Each day there were slight variations in the salad contents.
Pretty impressive to see them all laid out!
The kitchen bakes the bread for each meal. Overall the food was very enjoyable.
A choice of red or white wine comes with each meal. Or you can order a bottle from the wine list.
Salads, ready to serve.

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~~louise~~ said...

How fascinating to be able to take photographs of the ship's galley, Mae. I bet it made the food even taste better than usual because you saw the prep work. Thanks for sharing, Mae...